• Reduces unpleasant pattern noise by dispersing the noise frequency peaks.
  • This delivers driving performance with ample margin even for high-speed driving in the latest large SUVs.
  • Reduction of noise heard outside as the vehicle passes
  • In addition to improving traction, this delivers excellent hydroplaning resistance. The deeper grooves also extend the tyre product life.
  • Multiple Lug Grooves To generate high traction on wet road surfaces,
  • Adaptive Shoulder Blocks
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PatternInchSeriesDimensionsTT/TLOE MarkRF/XLOverall Diameter (mm)Approved Rim Width (Inch)Application
G0561570215/70R15 98HTL – –6835.5-7.0On Road
G0561570255/70R15 108HTL – –7396.5-8.5On Road
G0561575235/75R15 109HTL –XL7336.0-8.0On Road
G0561510.531*10.5R15 109STL – –7757.0-9.0On Road
G0561670245/70R16 111HTL –XL7506.5-8.0On Road
G0561670265/70R16 112HTL – –7787.0-9.0On Road
G0561670275/70R16 114HTL – –7927.0-9.0On Road
G0561675265/75R16 116HTL – –8047.0-9.0On Road
G0561765265/65R17 112HTL – –7767.5-9.5On Road
G0561765275/65R17 115HTL – –7907.5-9.5On Road
G0561765285/65R17 116HTL – –8028.0-10.0On Road
G0561770265/70R17 115STL – –8047.0-9.0On Road
G0561860255/60R18 112VTL –XL7637.0-9.0On Road
G0561860265/60R18 110HTL – –7757.5-9.5On Road
G0561860285/60R18 116HTL – –7998.0-10.0On Road
Specification : T/T – Tube Type, T/L – Tubeless Type