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In Oman, Yokohama tyres are synonymous with Japanese quality, world class safety, and service with a smile. Saud Bahwan Group’s investments in Yokohama have also played a significant part in making the brand a popular choice amongst customers.Today the Yokohama tyre range covers a wide variety of passenger car tyres, 4WD tyres, commercial vehicle tyres and earth-moving equipment tyres.

Saud Bahwan Group plays a humble role in the nation’s economic life by introducing world-class brands into Oman.The Group has an established presence in fields like Automotive & Allied businesses, Heavy Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Turnkey Projects, Special Equipment, Municipal & Civic Services, Property & Real Estate and Travel & Tourism. Playing a humble role in nation building.

Yokohama Oman – Since 1975

Saud Bahwan Automotive is the authorised distributor for Yokohama tyres in Oman since 1975. We specialise in the sales and services of Yokohama tyres with an impressive nationwide network of branches. Over the years we have maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction. Modern state of art Saud Bahwan Group owned outlets and stocking a facility wide range of availability at any point of time and elaborate network of branches and dealers network has helped make Yokohama a household name. Since its establishment in 1917, The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.(YRC) has introduced a wide range of tyres.

Yokohama is dedicated to continuously advancing all production, sales and technology development processes within the Yokohama group in japan and throughout the world. One of the worlds most trusted and preferred tyre brands – Yokohama Tyres has an array of tyres designed to make your time on the road secure and memorable. Their mission is to “deliver the best products at competitive prices and on time.” This, of course, requires the utmost attention to safety and environmental concerns. By developing and manufacturing a wide range of high- quality tyres, they have earned the trust of people across the spectrum of society who rely on Yokohama products.

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Yokohama City, 1917 marked the birth of YOKOHAMA RUBBER Co.Ltd. With the aim to develop high-performance rubber domestically, YOKOHAMA RUBBER set a course to support Japan’s modernization and contribute to the country’s position in the global market with the spirit that spearheaded a revolution, YOKOHAMA developed innovative products and technologies that the world embraced. One cog in a global machine that continues to bring the world new and innovative products and the future holds a tapestry of innovations, spun with technology and history that is exclusively YOKOHAMA.

We Have Come A Long Way Since 1975

We Have Come A Long Way Since 1975



Yokohama Rubber Established (1917)


  • Japan's first corded tyre developed in Hama Town
  • The Hiranuma Plant destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake


The first tyre was produced at the Yokohama plant


Yokohama plant is destroyed by the allied forces


  • Construction of Hiratsuka plant begins
  • Bus and truck tyre development (Hama King)


  • Truck and Bus High-speed tyre debut(High-speed Y98)
  • Developed the Y-490 drag-racing slicks


  • Launched sales of G.T. SPECIAL SEALEX, offering automatic puncture-sealing-a first for Japan
  • Began sales of Japan's first truck and bus steel snow radial


  • Launched the ASPEC GRANDPRIX
  • Launched the ADVAN HF Type-D,half slick half unsymmetrical patterned tyre,


  • Launched a new tread without straight grip on the ADVAN NEOVA AD05/AD06
  • Launched the GEOLANDAR A/T for recreational vehicles


  • Places in 24 Hours of Le Mans GT Class
  • Team TAISON wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans Prototype Class with ADVAN Tyres


  • Launched the first of the BluEarth series,a people-friendly and eco-friendly,fuel-efficient passenger-car tyre,
  • Introduced the development of the aerodynamic points,"Dimple Side Design"