BluEarth ES32

Simple and Powerful shoulder block design delivers reliable grip and excellent durability.
Extra Powerful Profile-High rigidity and tough, Anti-uneven wear.

Multiple Powerful Shoulder-Combination of deep lugs and sipes Stability, Evacuation, Anti-uneven wear.

Lightning Groove-High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads.

Wide Straight Grooves-Anti-Hydro, Water draining on Wet braking Straight driving and handling.



PatternInchSeriesDimensionsTT/TLOE MarkRF/XLOverall Diameter (mm)Approved Rim Width (Inch)
ES321655185/55R16 83VTL – –6105.0-6.5
ES321655195/55R16  87VTL – –6205.5-7.0
ES321655215/55R16 97VTL –XL6426.0-7.5
ES321660205/60R16 92HTL – –6525.5-7.5
ES321660225/60R16  98VTL – –6766.0-8.0
ES321665205/65R16 95HTL – –6725.5-7.5
ES321740245/40R17 91VTL – –6288.0-9.5
ES321745215/45R17 91VTL –XL6267.0-8.0
ES321745225/45R17 94VTL –XL6347.0-8.5
ES321750215/50R17 95VTL –XL6486.0-7.5
ES321750225/50R17 94VTL – –6586.0-8.0
ES321840225/40R18 92WTL –XL6377.5-9.0
ES321840235/40R18 95WTL –XL6458.0-9.5
Specification : T/T – Tube Type, T/L – Tubeless Type