Ever since Yokohama established its focus as a tyre manufacturer, it has been our aim to produce the highest quality tyres possible, since tyres are a component critical to vehicle safety. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, our company now manufactures and deliveres tyres to destinations around the world. We are pleased to provide this product that serves to support the daily lives of our customers and keep them fully satisfied.

In this connection, we work to boost our technologies on a daily basis. We integrate not only our tyre plants in Japan but at our overseas locations with cutting-edge production facilities and sophisticated technology standards to produce the highest quality product.

Our promise is to deliver products that customers love from our plants across the globe to customers around the world. At YOKOHAMA, we are keenly aware of the changing times, which means we never lose our passion to continuously improve safety, quality, and performance — no matter where our tyres are produced.


Mounting /Demounting

Welcome to Saud Bahwan Group Retail outlet Tyre and Fitment centre. Here we strive to be the most successful tyre and fitment specialist in Oman, by offering world-class products and fitment .


Wheel Balancing

Saud Bahwan Group tyre fitment centres offer professional wheel balancing services to not only ensure that your vehicle is safer on the roads but to also help prolong the lifespan of your tyres.



If you’re questioning your vehicle’s wheel alignment, bring it to Saud Bahwan Group Retail Outlet. Using the latest technology, our experienced technicians will check your wheel alignment.


Nitrogen Filling

There are a number of reasons why Nitrogen might be a suitable alternative to regular air. The main reason is the fact that Nitrogen is less likely to escape the tyre's rubber as compared to Oxygen, which implies that your tyre pressure will remain the same for longer.